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Rewinding the VHS back to 2016.


Here we go again. Another new Pseudonym in the Library of Congress for the artist formely known as Juwols Jones. He’s changing it to...what? Juwols…..NWA????


It’s crazy because I was so afraid. Don’t know why, I mean this wouldn’t have been the first time I switched up on my fanbase, and if anybody would adapt to my spontaneity, it would be MY FANS. I had already went from ‘Juwols Luciano the Street Pharmacist’ to dropping ‘The Memo’. Then followed it up by mighty-morphing into ‘Juwols Jones’ and releasing a project named ‘Impala SS’ (we’re not even going to mention ‘J-L’s or anything during that era).


So why was I so afraid?


I knew with this particular change, it was going to be drastic. I was abandoning the very thing that made me remotely popular. No more rapping. Just singing. The bars were still there, but the raps wasn’t. No autotune. Scary af.


But the sweet little cherry on the top was the new alias: JUWOLS NWA.


I know, I know...Everyone was all like: ‘WTF, OMG, NWA?! Like...Juwols Nigga Witta Attitude? That’s kinda hot...I guess...I can dig it.’ But this wasn’t the case at all. See, there was more into this then just a random idea of remarketing myself. This was different.This was DEEP.


See, the name change for once had nothing to do with music, but the fact I had made a drastic decision that rocked my life. I had joined a Brotherhood, one that I would be a part of For the remainder of my life. I still remember the day they all met with me and decided I could join on account that I was purchasing a motorcycle the very next morning. I remember trying to learn protocol, and though I’ve come a long way in my journey, I still have a lot more to learn. Nuboyz Wit Attitude MC is what we were called. All black riders in the night. A living nightmare and I had been knighted. Being that music was, still, and will be forever the very fabric of my existence, I couldn’t begin to fathom a group of men calling me anything other than Juwols. Names like “Killa K, LayEmDown, Ratchet, Clank” (maybe not the last two lmao) just wasn’t the move. I wanted to bring the two worlds together. I saw a vision.


Juwols NWA. Juwols, Nuboy wit Attitude. I live and die for my brothers.


                                                             This is Me.